Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Bundi is a blue city in eastern Rajasthan. It's a special destination on its own. An oasis in the desert state , a serene civilization far from the maddening crowd & a tourists' destination . Attracted Rudyard Kipling (writer of The Jungle Book), Rabindra Nath Tagore, Virginia Fass, film maker Satyajit Ray .. and many more. Thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, come here to see and discover this beautiful place. Bundi was named after a Meena Chieftain Bunda. Bundi is especially famous for the miniature paintings from the "Bundi School" and the aesthetic stepwells. Bundi has some of the most friendly locals in the whole of India. By the end of a week's visit you will know almost everyone within a two street radius, and will probably have been invited in for tea numerous times. Marijuana is readily available (legally!!!) over the counter for astonishingly cheap prices, and the locals are incredibly generous with theirs too.

Get Around
Most of Bundi is very accessible by walking and there is generally no need to hire transport. Virtually the only mode of public transportation is the auto rickshaw. As always in India, bargaining is required.

There are lots of small tourist attractions in Bundi.
  • Taragarh Fort The biggest of them is this fort built somewhere in the 16th century. This fort counts amongst the most famous ones in Rajasthan for its intricate structures and a highly-regarded painting gallery (from here originated the Bundi style of Mural Paintings ).
  • Shikar Burj and Jait Sagar Shikar Burj is the name of the place that was used by kings for hunting. It is very near to a small lake called Jait Sagar. This lake was once famous for lotus flowers. Near Jait sagar there is a small garden called Terrace garden.
  • Phool Sagar This is another small palace and was more of a summer palace. Prior permission from the DM of the city is required to visit the same as it is still under the control of the royal family.
  • Stepwells These 32 stepwells were used as a water supply (drinking and washing). They were built by Mother Queen of Bundi in 1699 and were donated for public wellfare. The most beautiful stepwell is Rani Jiki Barol, which you can visit. It's an example of a Hindu and Jain architecture.
  • Bundi Palace Bundi is one of the few places in India which can lay its claim to an authentic school of painting, "The Bundi School." The splendid paintings in the Chitrashala in the Bundi fort are par excellence and can be compared with probably the best anywhere in the world.