Tuesday, November 6, 2012

India: Free Tour

Being Indian and hobby of tour and travel, I visited many cities of India. Almost every place somewhat affected by modern trends. People wear jeans, eat McDonald's and watch American program on TV. Despite many years of British occupation and rule, and Indians have taken on some English customs to be sure, India is still a country wrapped up in it's own culture and ancient rituals. Women continue to dress in traditional clothing, curries are eaten by Indians every single day and Bollywood sagas are preferred to American box office movies.

India is the seventh largest country in the world and has over a billion people, the second largest population after China. It house to one sixth population of the world. Anybody who visit India is captivated by the colorful people and rich history.

India is pretty much divided into the north and the south, east and west and center from tourist perspective. The northern people are fairer, have straighter hair, eat red tomato based curries and meat. North Indian women wear salwaar and kameez. In the south, people are darker, have curlier hair, eat yellow curries with coconut and rice. They are predominantly vegetarian, but they do eat some seafood. South Indian women wear saree.

India is a Tropical Country. So the average temperature is 30 to 40 degree Celsius but can go well above 45 degree Celsius in summer. Best time to travel across India is during winter when the temperature is around 15 to 20 degree Celsius. Monsoon is simply no no.

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