Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Faces of the Travel

The world we live in is a mystifying and enchanting place and if you have the drive to explore it, then you are sure to find yourself in some amazing places. But sometimes it’s not about the places, it’s about the Journey, the people. The faces of the thousands of lives that you come in contact with while you’re on the road can stay with you as long as the memories of the destinations themselves. There are times when it seems that you catch something special in a photograph.When you look back at the glossy paper, or the computer screen, you see something more than a two dimensional image. Sometimes it almost seems as if you can see a person’s history, hardships and humanity gleaming behind the face that the camera managed to capture.
These fleeting moments are perhaps nothing to those who find themselves victim to the truth of the lens, but in them you can find something real. In the eyes of despair, you can see hope. In the face of adversity, you can find a hero, and in the depth of poverty, you can find triumph. These photos have moved us and we consider ourselves blessed to have been touched by these faces, and to sometimes share in the lives behind them. These are the people of our world and the many faces of travel.

Vikram Bhasker
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